Hi Olessya,
...I would like to tell you that you changed my life and perspective at a time when I really needed your help and I will always be grateful to you for that. I was very lucky to find a lady with your strength and intellect to guide me through a time when I seriously doubted my own.
Know this - you're a fantastic therapist, truly gifted and in possession of peripheral vision ....... Never doubt your abilities because they are crystal clear. Hurry up and write a book to get it all down somewhere…
- Mike. S , CEO, Dubai

Dear Dr. Burgess,
The pleasure of mine to meet you and discuss my situation, I feel optimistic that at last not least I will find a solution for my condition.  Thank you ......  I will practice the breathing and other EFT techniques.
  I was thinking also in the suggestions you gave me about my goals in life, they sounded reasonable, this will allow me to focus more on my objectives. You also shed light on few things That although were in front of me but I was not aware of them.
- Layla, Bahrain

Having not met you and you not being the awesomely powerful person you are, I would not have been able to progress so radically.  Thank you for being You so that I can now also thank me for being ME!  ......
I have learnt so much from you, not to mention the life skills I have gained and will have forevermore. Reframing things is possibly the most brilliant and adaptive skill I have ever found. I wish you all the absolute best Olessya, thanking you again with all of my being.
- Jude, Cairns

Thanks you so much Olessya for the great follow up... I wish I have met you earlier... I actually felt more at ease last night and most of today... 
Thanks again and I will go look tonight for the books you recommended...... I truly appreciate all your notes and your wonderful comments... They help lots... 
- Emad G, Saudi Arabia.

Just giving u a quick update on my progress... Quite frankly, tremendous results starting the day after... I thought about it throughout the whole next day... I decided to listen to it again and it was fantastic even the second time round (time distortion is quite interesting)... I'm listening to it constantly and I learn a new thing about it every time... WoooW :)

Thank you so much

I'm looking forward to our next session and I'm sure u'll notice the changes on me instantly...

Best wishes... See you soon
- Khalid Z, Saudi Arabia

Dear Olessya,
Allow me to express my gratitude and appreciation for Your help, It had been very emotional and often complicated journey for me and my family in the last 18 months, especially when children grow up and Your support and guidance, advice and kind words gave me strength and hope for better future …
I comprehend it might not be all rosy road ahead of me, yet I look ahead,  foresee my future with determination to change it for better for me and my child and you were the one to supervise my little steps in securing my success…  
Once more, my heartfelt thank You from the bottom of my heart for Your continuing help and support, Yours sincerely,
- Jellina A, Middle East

"I was fortunate to spend time as colleague with Dr Olessya when she had her practice in Bahrain.
She was a very popular therapist in Bahrain.
She still has a sound reputation for excellent results with her clients specially working with children and adolescents where she got amazing changes in a short time. Furthermore to her qualifications as a MD, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, CBT and EFT certification, hypno-birthing, she keeps continuously training herself in various forms of therapies. She believes in a holistic approach of therapy and always combines the best of various therapeutical schools to help each particular client achieve successfully his personal objectives. Her form of therapy is brief. She has developed a sharp and clear insight that allow for quick an long-lasting resolution of her clients issues.

I have myself benefited a lot from her sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise. She is an excellent therapist and I would recommend her warmly."
- Anne Louise Renard, “Life at Ease”, Kingdom of Bahrain

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all the advice and words of wisdom you have taught me....
- Laila M, Bahrain

I wish I had met you years ago - my life would have been completely different...very glad that I did meet you though - thank you for your kind support, guidance.
- G, 2015

Hi Olessya, know this - even though we only had one session together, I feel well and light after that. You are amazing, so glad I met you. Stay well and help others”.  Cheers,
- B. 2016

Thank you for your belief in me and ongoing support... and I cannot share enough how I value your genuine care, knowledge and believe in my own powers to turn my life around.
- K, 2015-2017

I have seen many different psychologists and therapists  over the years and you were the one who helped me to shift a lifelong  trauma - no medication, no judgement, no drama - I am my own person and life is good, awesomely good.  Warm hugs.
- L 2016

I believe multiple psychosomatic conditions may be approached in the drug free manner coupled with supportive Client Centred approach and therefore can only advantage, support clients in their best interests. In my opinion, focusing on quality of the relationship with client is paramount as treatment itself.