Smoking Cessation

Is a significantly progressive method to assist people with smoking habit to become smoke free for life… in my practice, I am in use of both one session smoking program and a 3 session program with 4th optional follow up session as in my opinion, for some clients the longer sessions allow to make proper, permanent adjustments in the lifestyle and when client has any major issues that might sabotage the successful outcome of therapy, I will need time to address them properly. Ultimately, most of clients will need one session only and with others there might be multiple issues arising which will need immediate attention as well. One of the most important things is I need to build the client’s confidence and positive expectation the therapy will work. Many clients find the benefits of extra time allows stocking up on nutritional supplements, get rid of smoking paraphernalia and even create symbolic preparation before final “switch off”. I use “Easy Quit Smoking Program” based on Advanced Hypnosis with NLP and EFT customisation/tailoring according to my specific clients needs.

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I believe multiple psychosomatic conditions may be approached in the drug free manner coupled with supportive Client Centred approach and therefore can only advantage, support clients in their best interests. In my opinion, focusing on quality of the relationship with client is paramount as treatment itself.