is a method of relaxed natural childbirth education, childbirth without fear and tension. The technique (Marie Morgan) uses total relaxation, deep abdominal breathing, imagery and positive suggestions in order to gain confidence and motivation in achieving natural and most comfortable birth. It also empowers women to be active birth givers, not passive patients. Both women and partners are taught how to use language, metaphors and anchors to relax muscles and release of endorphins to achieve relaxation response. Moreover, one of the significant benefits of Hypnobirthing is the fact it can be combined with any other allopathic or alternative medical approaches as a relaxed woman in labour is an excellent patient.

The main advantages are:

  • Reduction in production of stress hormones leads to less pain from muscle tension
  • Shorter first stage of labour by approximately 30%
  • Second stage of labour frequently very fast, safer for both mother and baby
  • Less need for or use of drugs or any type of medical intervention
  • Less change of hemorrhage during and after the delivery of baby
  • Less complications or need for medical intrusion
  • Babies are more content, better bonding with parents, less breastfeeding issues
  • Less post partum depression for both mother & baby
  • When the father is a birth coach, increases the bonding process between baby and father

The body/soma, controlled by the subconscious, is capable of acting according to whichever communication determined in the conscious mind. For example, when the mind accepts that childbirth is a normal, natural process, without extreme discomfort, no intense distress will be experienced; the birth will not be fearful and painful…

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I believe multiple psychosomatic conditions may be approached in the drug free manner coupled with supportive Client Centred approach and therefore can only advantage, support clients in their best interests. In my opinion, focusing on quality of the relationship with client is paramount as treatment itself.